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SPOTIFY: What's On Repeat At Islander Towers?

I love music. I guess everyone loves music, but I really love music. It makes me all tingly and excited. Or it can make me cry. Here's what's on my playlist this month:

Current top 10:

We Are Your Friends - Justice Vs Simian

Just a great upbeat track to get me through my often arduous work day.

The Time Is Now - Moloko

An oldie but a goodie, The Time Is Now takes me back to driving around aimlessly at night with my friends in their car with an overly loud stereo, trying to get in to a nightclub but not having the right shoes so having to rent a pair of mis-matching brogues from a local burger van. Halcyon days!

New Disaster -

Bare Naked Ladies

Quite a poignant track this about how we're destroying the planet and no one cares. Also see Don't Look Up on Netflix - Same vibes.

Friends & Family -

The Isley Bros, Ronald Isley, Snoop Dogg

What do you get if you cross some 70's smooth classic like The Isley Brothers and a weed smoking superstar like Snoop Dogg? You got it. A smoooooth track that you can't help but love.

Sexual Healing -

Hot8 Brass Band

These are a group from The Bronx that recreate RnB and Motown classics using the power of brass. Addictive and bouncy music that can't help to put a smile on your face.

Push -

Matchbox 20

I've been a fan of Matchbox20 for years. Their music is timeless and so emotive. This song particularly taken me back to being an angsty teenager longing after the girl at the back of the class. This song should be enjoyed at night with a whiskey and some piece and quiet.

I'll update this list every week, month or whenever the mood takes me. Drop your favourite tunes of the moment in the comments below and I'll give them a listen.


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