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Hong Kong Rain Weather Warnings and What They Mean

Anyone who has spent a summer in Hong Kong knows the weather can be quite exciting. The Hong Kong Observatory issues rain weather warnings which can impact kids' schooling and commuting adults' journeys. But what do the warnings actually mean? This post is focused on rain warnings. To find out about typhoon warnings, click here.

Kids Schooling


Amber suggests heavy rain has fallen or is expected, but schools remain open. Keep an eye on the Observatory as this would worsen to RED or BLACK


If a signal is issued during the following periods, it means that students need not attend school.

5:30am and before 8:00am. Morning and Whole-day Schools STAY HOME At or after 10:30 am and before 1:00 pm. Afternoon only school kids STAY HOME

After 8:00am

Morning and Whole-day Schools should STAY AT SCHOOL

After 1:00pm

Afternoon kids should STAY IN SCHOOL

Adult Work


Go to work. Take an umbrella and maybe bring some spare shoes.


Go to work by boat, but still go to work.

BLACK RAIN Stay at home and start building the ark. Be weary of landslides and keep yourself safe.

To find out about typhoon warnings, click here.


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