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Dog fostering in Hong Kong
Yeah - I've got food but my bed is more delicious

I can't stress this strongly enough: If you're in a taxi on the North Lantau Highway and you're carrying a small bag containing two puppies, under no circumstances should you open the bag.

The reason I'm in a taxi with a ticking dog time-bomb is i'm an idiot. Through various reasons, I've gotten to know lovely people that either run or assist two dog shelters on Lantau - TAILS and the excellently titled to non-Germans Villa Kuntabunt.

Through knowing these lovely folk, I've been gently groomed (no pun intended) into fostering two delicious little pups.

Two puppies adopted in Hong Kong
A couple of absolute weapons

After a bit of back and forth over Whatsapp, it was agreed I'd collect the pups from Central pier 5, off the chap who was their current guardian. I was expecting him to waddle off the gangplank carrying a big dog crate, but because he had the two pups in a small pet bag, I completely missed him. After a brief chat and the pup handover, I was now in charge of two warm, excited and totally adorable puppies. I'd only told my wife about this the day before!

I gingerly boarded a red taxi and asked if 'lurn gor gau, OK?' (I might have accidentally said nine) were allowed and was quickly ushered in and we were off. The pups were wriggling in the bag on my lap like a box of frogs. They really didn't seem comfortable so after 5 minutes I took the decision to open the bag's zipper... just ever so slightly.

I don't know if you've ever tried to contain two 6 week old puppies on the back seat of a Toyota Comfort travelling at 300kms without the driver realising, but it's on the same league as trying to climb a rope whilst covered in Vaseline. These little ladies were out and there was nothing anyone could do about it.

Thankfully, being a red taxi, we were travelling at half the speed of light and were home in no time. As the driver performed a perfect handbrake skid in front of my building's escalator, I got the pups into an IKEA bag I was carrying and we were soon in the comfort of my once pristine home.

Fast forward 2 weeks and my life is in disarray. I've 5 and 7 year old children, it's Easter holidays and as luck would have it I've got more freelance work on than I've had in 2 years. The timing is horrific. The pups are growing like 'jungle vines' as a friend put it and have a penchant for ablutions akin to a 300lb competitive eater.

Pups like to chew stuff. Babies like to chew their fingers when teething, pups like to chew their own beds, tables, chair legs, pianos, wallpaper and apparently, each other. I've tried chilli oil, white vinegar and pepper to stop the onslaught but nothing works. They're the furry

equivalent of a locust. Their behaviour is almost biblical.

I'm not even going to get into the club night they run out of my living room at 2am.

I can finally see first hand why shelters find it hard to find fosters for puppies. Why go to all the trouble when you'll be handing them back anyway?

The answer is because they're amazing. They smell, they wee everywhere and they chew through electrical cables because they're idiots, but they're just so totally amazing. They adore cuddles and demand belly tickles. They often fall asleep on my feet whilst I'm working. The kids are head-over-heels in love them them and the pups are teaching the kids true responsibility that goldfish just don't offer. Also, it's just the right things to do.

Villa Kunterbunt has over 200 dogs that need homing. A lot of these have come from breeders who abandon their breeder dog once she's 'used up'. These dogs can be as young as 4 but look 15. A lot of dogs come in with illnesses or disabilities that need fixing, and all the cost falls on the burden of the shelter through donations. It's a weird system!

So, very long story short, if you have the time and means to adopt or foster, please do consider it. There are many pups and cats out there that need a home. It's a pain in the butt to foster but it's worth it. I can't explain why but you'll find out when you try it.

These pups need a forever home.

If you're in the mood to have your world turned upside down, contact TAILS or Villa Kunterbunt and have a chat about how you can help. It's life changing in the best possible way. #IslanderHK #TAILSLantau #VillaKunterbunt #puppyadoption #Dogadoption #Animalshelter #LantauIsland #Pets #BestBreeder #BreederPuppies #Puppies #NicePuppies #Pets


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