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Top 5: Pizza Places - As Voted For By The People Of Tung Chung...

Like a good pizza, Tung Chung is becoming fully loaded - with great pizza choices. Whether you're a thick, thin or gluten free kinda' person, the pizzas below will have you salivating.

We put the feelers out on the Tung Chung Tower Communities Facebook page to find people's favourites. Frankly the responses weren't surprising but we did find a new vegetarian place...

What to do in Hong Kong best pizza
This is actually my kids tucking into the giant pizza at The Kitchen in Mui Wo - Obviously not Tung Chung, but I didn't have a picture of them tucking into a giant pizza in Tung Chung!

In at number 5

All the following recommendations are great. Just because these pizza tossing maestros came in at number 5 doesn't mean they're not class. They're a Tung Chung staple. No self respecting house party is complete without an order from the famous Tung Chung Pizza. Decent value. Good amount of toppings and a general all-rounded sense of pizza satisfaction after eating one. Nice one, chaps.

In at number 4

Oolaa's pepperoni pizza "is heaven". Thanks Will Chiou for that short but sweet review. (Please also try Oolaa's Wednesday steak night - it's a great deal and the steaks and service are always excellent)

In at number 3

Green Element - a new kid on the block offering vegetarian burgers, pizzas and suchlike. Make an afternoon of it and visit Tung Chung Fort before you go to build up an appetite. Arsalan Shaikh commented "They make amazing pizzas - dough is handmade too". So there.

In at number 2

A bit of a hidden gem this, Spicy Fresco carries varied food types, from traditional Indian dishes to an Italian menu. It's a hard one to find, but they do deliver through the major delivery companies. They sometimes also have live music (when the powers that be can safely say the drummer won't kill your grandmother) which adds to the ambience. Round the back is a strange garden, which is nicer in the evening than the day as it is festooned with fairy lights. Also try the chicken tikka masala. Yum. Yum. Get in my tum.

In at number 1 - The people have voted...

Pizza Bird. Strange name but excellent pizza. Paul Sargent recommends we try "the thin crust pizza with fried chicken". Not sure if Paul means a thin crust fried chicken pizza but if he does, the guy has class, and probably a lot of cholesterol. Cee Ro ordered too much and received a peach dip that was "strange but not horrible". A compliment if ever I've heard one.

So there we have it ladies and gentlemen. We asked the people and they spoke. They spoke of delicious pizza. Who can blame them? Writing this has made me really hungry but all I have in the house is salad. Can only mean one thing...

Did we miss any of your favourites? Drop the name in the comments and we'll check them out.


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