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Taking Al Fresco to a Whole New Level

On our never ending quest to find weird and wonderful places to eat outside, we ventured to Sunny Bay to cook up the Christmas leftovers.

Cooking outside at Sunny Bay
A Hotpot with a view

Sunny Bay is the perfect place for a change of scenery. It's just one stop away from Tung Chung and the same interchange as Disneyland. Sunny Bay has a public toilet making picnics and general all day outside activities doable without the need for a Shewee, and the picturesque scenery is right outside the MTR entrance. Hassle free dining fun.

For this particular feast we packed:

  • A big box of red wine, some mulling spices and a little white sugar. This was to drink and nothing to do with the hotpot.

  • A tonne of fish balls of various shapes and sizes

  • 5 packets of noodles

  • Some frozen dumplings

  • A big 5ltr bottle of water

  • Some skewers

  • Two little children's forks

Things we didn't pack

  • Vegetables

  • Any bowl, plate or otherwise to actually eat the hotpot... Oops : )

Hang around for a bit and you're greeted with the most stunning sunset. By sundown, darkness descends deeper and harder than more built up areas making star viewing possible and the rocks treacherous, especially the ones that wobble!

Happy munching!


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