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Best Podcasts To Listen To While Working

Apparently a new podcast is released into the wild every 30 minutes. That's a LOT of choice, but as some of you will be aware, not all podcasts were created equal.

Our top podcasts were picked either for entertainment, knowledge or randomness.

No Such Thing As A Fish -

A weekly podcast that offers the type of mad facts you'll want to share with everyone, once the pubs open again. Very silly humour (with a little light swearing) from the researchers of QI, a British TV show.

You're Wrong About - If you're tired of 'Fake News' and want some clarity in your life, this is a great one. Discussing the madness of the world in which we live, such as debunking the myths surrounding vaccines.

Back Issue - which celebrates pop culture phenomena that were either largely overlooked by the mainstream media or, if they did pervade the mainstream, deserve reconsideration through a modern lens.

Do The Right Thing - Guests have to figure out what to do in strange and unusual circumstances. Can be quite funny.

Smith & Sniff - Two friends talk about cars. 'Sniff' is Richard Porter who is an ex-producer of BBC's TopGear and 'Johnny Smith' is a really interesting chap who also has a great YouTube channel where he digs up exciting barn finds.

Happy listening!

What's your favourite podcast? Drop a link in the comments below and we'll have a listen over a bowl of cornflakes and a cuppa.

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