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Forget Elf On A Shelf - It's all about the Shell On A Trail

There isn't enough whimsy in today's world; the magic of Christmas has given way to commercialism and 'stuff'.

One Tung Chung resident has taken it upon herself to change all that. Deb Bailey has been working away like an elf, hand painting fifty (yes, fifty!) scallop shells that she's hiding on the Olympic trail from Tung Chung to Mui Wo. The shells will adorn the trail from Saturday 17th December until 3rd January.

Things to to over Christmas with kids
Cheeky little characters festoon the scallop shells

Debbie said her motivation was to get kids out of the house during the festive holidays and out into nature. And what better way to do that than a bit of elf, reindeer and gnome spotting?!

It won't just be your legs getting a workout on the Olympic trail as Deb has also taken the time to write child friendly riddles and puzzles inside each shell to give your brain a workout too.

Things to do over Christmas with kids
You have to admire the dedication for this amazing project.

Debbie has travelled far and wide to collect the shells for the project, enlisting the help of her friend who works at the Rainbow Restaurant on Lamma, who has been saving the various scallop shells for Deb to then clean up and recycle into wonderful artwork.

The shells will be hidden along the Olympic Trail from this Saturday 17th December and will be swept away and tidied up on 4th January, so be sure to get out there before it's too late.

If you're going to go on the festive hunt, Debbie reminds us to please leave the shells where you find them so other people can enjoy the elf hunt too.

Post any pictures of the shells you find to the Tung Chung Tower Communities Facebook page, and tag @messageinashallhk on IG and facebook

Can you find all 50?!


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