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Gone Fishing...

I've always wanted to try fishing, even though I have a fairly severe fish allergy, so I did what any right minded man would do, and bought the cheapest fishing rod I could find off Amazon and headed off in search of greatness...

So it turns out the idea of fishing; the romanticised notion of relaxation, the quiet tranquility of inner patience whilst you await the catch, is total rubbish! Half your time is spent trying to get all the various strings and sharp bits pointing in the right direction, and the other half is spent untangling it all again whilst giving yourself tetanus.

At no point do fish ever actually feature in fishing, which is lucky really as the last thing I want to do is to remove a barbed hook from a fish's sharp toothed jaw. I've been watching YouTube videos on how exactly to do this in the unlikely event I'm to ever catch one, and let me tell you, it's not pretty.

As much as I want to like fishing, I just don't. But, not all is lost. It turns out my eldest absolutely loves it. She's taken to fishing like a duck to water. Her casting is powerful and perfectly timed. Her patience is to be commended as we now spend hours down at the Tung Chung Promenade, starring out to sea watching fairly sizeable fish swim past taunting us.

We've still not caught anything, and frankly I don't expect to.

Fishing is more about enjoying your surroundings than actually fishing. The new Tung Chung Promenade is a great spot to do just that, especially now the weather is cooling off, and they allow fishing. Just be warned the security staff there are ferocious!


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