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How to Travel Around Hong Kong

Public transport in Hong Kong is clean, cheap and efficient. Here's how it works.

How to travel around Hong Kong on public transport

How to get from Hong Kong International Airport to Hong Kong Island and Beyond

The easiest way to get from Hong Kong International Airport to Hong Kong Island, or anywhere else, is by taxi. The fare will be approximately $350. Make sure the meter is set as you leave. Taxi drivers charge you an extra $5 for each piece of luggage places in the boot/ trunk of the car. 

There are three different taxi options in Hong Kong. Red taxis take you to the major urban areas, Green taxis take you to the New Territories and more rural areas and Blue taxis serve Lantau and specifically South Lantau as the road is closed to public vehicles without a permit. Make sure to get into the correct queue which are clearly sign posted at the airport. 

Option 2 is the AirPort Express. This is an express train that stops at Tsing Yi, Kowloon and finally Hong Kong station. Trains leave approximately every 10 minutes and take about 24 minutes. It’s not the cheapest option as an adult octopus journey is $110, compared to $22 for an adult MTR ride from Tung Chung to Hong Kong. 

Ubers are readily available in Hong Kong. Be sure to check the pink-up point before confirming as there are lots of building works at the airport and roads are often closed. 

Taxis mostly only take cash, not octopus card or credit cards, so have some ready. 

Getting Around the City

Hong Kong’s MTR is world-class. To ride it, and all other public transport options, you’ll need an octopus card. You can pick one up from any customer service counter at any MTR station. Children under 3 travel for free. Kids aged 3-11 need a child’s Octopus card and adults will need an adult card. You’ll need to put a $50 deposit on any card you get. The octopus card can also be used to store money to use in shops to save you from carrying cash around and building up heaps of change. To top up, either use the Top-Up machines in MTR stations or ask at the counter at Circle K or 7/11. As an aside, both 7/11 and Circle K have free WiFi. 

Hong Kong has 10 min MTR lines and they can take you to all the major areas that are worth visiting in Hong Kong. For the few places like Sai Kung that are stunning and well worth a visit, you’ll need to negotiate the bus or light bus. The difference between the two is size and how tightly you grip the seats. Light buses are famous for driving very quickly, so much so they're now fitted with a giant speedo inside the cab. Light busses can pick up and drop off by request. Download the Movit app for bus routes and times. 

Trams are an option on Hong Kong Island. Nicknamed Ding Dings due to the noise they make, or hotdogs for their lack of airconditioning, they traverse East to West from Kennedy Town to North Point. They're not the quickest way to move about but they're excellent for sightseeing and they're incredibly cheap. Simply tap your Octopus card as you exit to pay.

South Lantau is closed to public vehicles that don’t hold a closed-road permit so you’ll either need to take a blue taxi available from outside exit C of Tung Chung MTR, or get the bus. Busses are available from Tung Chung bus station which is opposite exit B across the plaza. 


Happy travels!


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