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I had to do some sewing and I felt a bit of a prick

A simple task of adding some 'flare' to my daughter's Boys' Brigade tabard led to cramp, blood loss and much embarrassment.

Tung Chung The Islander Children's bedtime.
My assistant found this all very amusing

It's been about 30 years since I've wielded a needle in anger. I've sewn on buttons, but they come with convenient guide holes. This task was a whole new level of skill that sadly I just don't possess.

No Pain, No Gain

My daughter goes to Boys' Brigade at school, which appears to be a Christian version of Scouts, but with more marching. The name is clearly left over from the 60's. Due to the sheer volume of marching and clapping they do, she's been awarded marching and clapping badges, and a third for what appeasers to be arm wrestling.

These need to be sewn on to her bright yellow tabard to show the world just how good she is at clapping. And arm wrestling.

This task unfortunately fell to me.

I'm sure 90% of you reading this will be questioning why I find sewing so hard. Within 2 minutes of starting I had put three holes in my body, one of which wouldn't stop bleeding. I seemed incapable of putting the needle through the correct bit of cloth without puncturing myself. The worst bit was I had THREE of these little badges to sew on, and I had to add them in the correct order, in the correct shape. The school had even provided a guide to this.

Pain, Very Little Gain

Well, after about an hour, two blood transfusions and a lot of swearing under my breath, I had completed the task. I'm not proud of the result and I'm pretty sure the school will ask me to re-do it so as not to cause embarrassment to The 'Brigade, and my daughter.

The end result looks like I got my 6 year old to do it.

It's hard being a parent. And often quite painful.


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