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Sunny Bay's Hidden Beach

Sunny Bay isn't the obvious first choice for a day out to the beach. But venture past the long hot road and there is a treat in store just around the corner.

Caterpillar pupating into a moth or butterfly

If you're looking for a beach day away from the crowds - which was what brought us here in the first place - then look no further than Sunny Bay. It even has its own MTR station, unlike Pui O! Jump off the MTR and head for the round-about, then take the sea path to the left. It's a deceptively long walk, especially if it's a hot day, so be prepared for a 4o minute walk from door to beach. Pack as light as you can and also bring plenty of water.

The road turns into a single path that veers off to the right as the road ends. Follow that along until you hit the rickety old fishing village. Here you'll need to keep your eyes peeled for a 'toilet/ bbq' sign. Take that path to the left and follow it until you reach the beach. It's good to note there is a shop that sells Tsing Tao beers and soft drinks in the village so if you get thirsty and don't want to carry stuff, just bring cash.

The walk is worth it! It feels like you've landed on a desert island. The beach has coarse sand but perfectly good if you bring a blanket. The water seems as lot cleaner here than other beaches, probably due to its aspect. We had a great few days out here with the family and friends, where we made a wild fire and consumed drinks. We were thinking about camping here one night but then realised how far the tide came in so and decided against it. Also, there are some fairly large ants. There's always something. At least there are toilets!


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