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Off The Beaten Track

We found these places when we were trying to avoid people due to COVID.

We've found come cool little tracks and most have some interesting features or something of note along the way.

Things to do on Lantau

There is a great Labyrinth-esque flood revetments around the back of Tung Chung.

Things to do on Lantau
Sarah from Labyrinth getting lost, much like we did

If you head off on the road to Discovery Bay from Tung Chung, there is a set of steps just off the right after you pass under the bridge. Take those up, then continue up the next set, sticking to the right. You pass a very random Buddhist College. Keep going and the path opens out to a paved road to nowhere. There are remains of abandoned properties in the trees to the left and the most amazing flood revetments to explore. Obviously only do this if you know it hasn't been raining, know there is no rain anywhere near you and won't be for the foreseeable future.

Heading behind the large vine wall is like trying to find the castle in David Bowie's Labyrinth.

Things to do on Lantau

We went straight to the castle!

There was an abundance of Jezebel butterflies later in the year that would land on us. Only one of my children thought this was fun. The other was a bit terrified.

We kept on up the stream behind the flood barrier clambering up rocks that would make great rock pools in the rainier months.

The kids had a great time, we were never more than 25 minutes from home and it cost absolutely nothing.

Please remember to only do this is it's been dry for a while, the weather report says no chance of rain, the sky doesn't have any clouds and you are with a responsible adult.


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