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Secret Beach in Discovery Bay

I worked in Discovery Bay for 3 years, but it was only when I went there with the kids did I realise there was more to it than the plaza (and now the ice rink).

DB North Plaza IslanderHK

Some people with hearts of gold and infinitely deep pockets have taken it upon themselves to make North Plaza beach into a play jungle that my kids simply don't want to leave. There's a trampoline area with decking, sporting not one but two trampolines. What's extra awesome is they've 'fake turfed' it, but done the job as if they were a carpet fitter.

Moving to the right is a zip-line that's lost its zip. What it's lost in forward motion it makes up for in bounce.

Next comes the climbing area with decent swings. It's totally ace. Various levels of swing for various age of kid. Forethought well beyond the LCSD.

DB North Plaza IslanderHK

There is evidence of beach BBQs here pertaining to after hours activity that the Hong Kong Government could only dream of. There is a fair amount of rubbish on this beach due to its non-gazetted nature, but we made the most of it and made little boats from the flotsam. I know some locals arrange beach clean-ups here too which is brilliant.

Discovery Bay has such an odd reputation that is mostly unfounded. When we were first looking to make the move over from London, Discovery Bay kept popping up on forums as a great place to live, but always came with the caveat that your tennis coach will be seeing more action between the sheets with your wife than you will be.

DB North Plaza IslanderHK

So what a surprise it was to find Discovery Bay North beach. Just 25 minutes from Tung Chung and with all the amenities of a town - toilets, a supermarket and restaurants - but none of the 'cannot' of a gazetted beach. I adore Pui O and Cheung Cha but this is definitely easier from Tung Chung. Any beach in Hong Kong that allows frisbee and kite flying get my vote. Get the DB01R from Tung Chung bus station or DB03R from Sunny Bay MTR. Hop off at the first stop after the tunnel and head down the hill through the other tunnel. Bare to your left and the beach is at the end. After a play on the beach, I recommend Viet Bu Tong Kitchen. The food and service are great and the prices are very reasonable. I had the bahn mi and it was the best one I've had this side of Hoi An. #HKIslander #IslanderHK #beach #HKBeach #thingstodowithkids #bestbeachesinHK #bestbeaches #HKfoodie #DiscoveryBay #DiscoverHK #DiscoverHongKong #ThingstodoonLantau

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