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The Best Places in Tung Chung to celebrate Mid-Autum Lantern Festival

People in Hong Kong celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival, the origins of which date back to the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD) where it acted as a harvest thanksgiving occasion. It's celebrated when the moon is roundest and brightest so is also referred to as the moon festival. It's a super fun family event, and like all good family events, involves lots of food!

Where to celebrate Mid-Autumn on Lantau
Beautiful lanterns in Novotel Park

It is a lunar festival meaning the date changes every year and this year, Mid-Autumn festival falls on September 29th.

Tung Chung is a great place to get out with your lantern and get moon gazing and mooncake grazing.

The top 4 spots for atmosphere are:

Man Tung Road North Park - Each year the government decorates the park with lanterns and pre-covid there used to be a small live music performance.

Novotel Park - This is a newer edition to the government's Mid-Autumn festivities and slightly better than North Park as the space is larger and there is a big playground for the kids. It's also a little darker in this park at night so you have a better chance of moon gazing.

Where to celebrate Mid-Autumn on Lantau

The Tung Chung Promenade - The Sustainable Lantau people know how to throw a party and have gone all out setting up a beautiful display along the Tung Chung Promenade once again. There is a great little convenience store at the far end of the promenade at the ferry pier if you're in need of cold drinks and snacks. TOP TIP - Don't get the drinks form the vending machine as that's more expensive than the shop.

The Circle outside The Tavern/ Marketplace - Although there won't be any government lanterns set up, it's a natural meeting point for the community to gather during festivities. This place is also great for Halloween. If you're looking for lanterns, either make them which is super fun and a great way to keep kids busy for the afternoon, or get yourself to Sham Shui Po - Fuk Wa Street - where you have a feast of choice. I recommend the paper ones as they're better for the environment and give off a better glow. Also try to avoid glow sticks.

I wish you a happy and healthy Mid-Autumn. See you in the park for a moon cake! #midautumn #wheretocelebratemidautumn #lantau #tungchung #midautumnlantern #lantern #thingstodowithkids


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