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The burger is a classic. It's agreed that Louis Lassen invented the burger when he put scraps of ground beef between slices of bread for fast, easy eating. Fast food was born and we've never looked back. Saying that, I once looked back. I ordered a hamburger at a mountain top chalet in Bulgaria and it was a piece of ham in some bread. A ham sandwich. Lost in translation.

I asked the ever brilliant hive mind of the Tung Chung Tower Communities "What is your go-to burger place in Tung Chung?" Debate was fierce. Results of the BIG BURGER DEBATE below

Burgers have got a little too hard to eat of recent years!

In at a joint 3rd position:

Burger Express -Tbay

The Upper Deck - TBay

McDonald's - Absolutely everywhere

All sound and solid choices. TBay has really upped the game in terms of new venues. The view in the evening is also beautiful, especially from The Upper Deck and The Sunset Grill in The Sheraton. McDonald's may not be the best quality, but there is definitely a place in the market for their delicious mechanically recovered 'beef'. There was a rumour going around a few years ago that a McD's shake had more potato in it than their fries. I'm sure this isn't true but it's funny.

In at a 2nd position:

ShakeShack - Tung Chung MTR

Now that's a tasty burger! Image courtesy of

ShakeShack is REALLY good. The burgers are juicy and packed full of flavour, as one would hope they should be. What surprised us the most was the ambiance of the place. It's a cool hangout! It's ideal for teenagers to grab a bite together but equally good for a family quenching their appetite after a busy afternoon playing in the sunshine. There is no table service - ordering is done by way of a dock, and a small vibrating piece of plastic, but it's efficient and it works. There is also a till and a real person to talk to if you get confused or only have cash. It's the little touches that impressed me, not just the quality of the ingredients. When you take your tray to the bin, they provide not only sanitiser but wet wipes and napkins to wipe your fingers. Such a nice touch. As you'd expect for a place called ShakeShack, the shakes are delicious. My wife and I went for the coffee one. It didn't leave you feeling dirty and remorseful as per some other shakes from famous Scottish restaurants. In fact none of the food did. It's fast food, but on another level.

I wouldn't take a first date there, but I would take my wife, if that makes sense?!

In at Number 1:

Oolaa - Tung Chung MTR

Oolaa in Tung Chung breakfast burger
Me and the eldest enjoying a breakfast burger at Tung Chung staple, Oolaa

OOHLAA indeed! This has been and continues to be my wife and my favourite place to hang out, both with the kids and for a local date night. I'd also bring a first date here! The service is great, the look and feel are homely yet higher-end and you never feel like you've been robbed when you're handed the bill. The burgers are big. Really big. I always opt for the beef, with the wife going for the pulled-pork and they never disappoint. lt is also worth trying the Breakfast Burger which is a steal at $100, pictured above. They're stacked full of tasty ingredients and you can pick two toppings from the list like bacon, blue or Swiss cheese, avocado etc. The brioche buns are soft but toasted and the burger comes with a choice of potato or sweet potato fries. This can then be washed down by a choice of smoothies, cocktails, mocktails, beers or wines, which are also available at super happy hour prices before 8pm on weekdays. The service is lovely at Oolaa too - we've befriended a number of staff there over the years who are always super accommodating to my kids. A deserved win for best burger!

There's another way:

A well-made homemade burger can beat any restaurant's offerings, if made right. Here are my top-tips for the best burger you'll ever pop in your face hole.

This was sent in from London ST on TCTC Facebook page. What a beast chicken burger.

This sent in from a reader. I'd be all over this. Slightly different to my beef burger recipe.

What you'll need:

Brioche burger bun

Beef mince (Impossible mince if vegetarian)

Onion Avocado Blue cheese Cheddar cheese

Ground garlic

Worcestershire sauce



French's Mustard

Free Range Egg Mayonnaise How to cook it:

Grab a large bowl. Add the mince, (enough for the number of people who shall be joining you in the best burger in the world) blue cheese, salt, Worcestershire sauce and ground garlic. Mix together until all the seasoning is evenly mixed through the burger.

Chop some avocado, onion and cheddar cheese ready to add to the burger.

Toast the buns ready for the burger's release form the frying pan.

Squeeze a handful of mince into a patty. Don't squeezer it too tightly or the burger will be drier than a Rivita biscuit. Get the pan nice and hot, with just a splash of oil in the bottom of the pan.

Add the beef patties when the oil starts to smoke. You want to sear the beef so the juices stay inside. Cook for 1 minute, then turn the patty over.

Add the onion, then cheddar cheese to the top of the burger patty, then add a lid that's big enough it doesn't touch the cheese, or you'll end up with a cheesy lid, and no one wants that.

Pour in a little water to the pan to steam the patties. A one second splash from the kettle is about right. The pan should fizzle and spit. Cook like this until the water has evaporated off, then remove the lid.

Transfer the patties directly to the toasted buns, then add avocado, ketchup, French's Mustard and mayonnaise.

You should have a juicy, blue cheese-leaky packed burger that will make you go YEAH!


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