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The Coolest New Picnic Spot In Tung Chung

As most local residents will know, the area around the newly opened Sheraton hotel has been under development for some time now. It seems they're slowly opening up sections of the river front promenade, with the first being just to the left of The Sheraton hotel. It's the site of the Tung Chung Community Liaison Centre which was set up to 'enhance communication with the public' regarding the ongoing development of Lantau. So there you go.

Caterpillar pupating into a moth or butterfly

It seems the developers here have thought about how local residents might actually use the space. There's plenty of seating, actual grass to sit on, little play areas for the kids, a strange sunken 'skatepark' that's more of a flat bit of tarmac with two grind boxes, a small outdoor gym and... air conditioned toilets! Punch the air and do a forward roll.

The entrance is a little hard to find. You need to cross over the foot bridge, then keep going when you get to the bottom on the sea side. It's currently open from 8am-8pm.

I'll definitely be using this space to hang out with friends and family. A cold beer as the sun sets? Sounds lovely!


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