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The Perfect Place For A Cold Drink After A Long Walk

It's a well trodden path from Tung Chung to Tai O, and for good reason. It's a great hike through some stunning scenery, with the added benefit of having the historic fishing village of Tai O greeting you at the other end.

Children enjoying a beer
The kids enjoying a cold beer (joke)

As anyone who has ever walked in the heat of a Hong Kong summer, or any time of year knows, the best bit of the hike is the cold drink at the end, alcoholic or otherwise. If you find yourself in Tai O after a hike, or just a day out, check out The Black Pearl. It's a cute little bar right on the sea front near the ferry pier and the perfect place to watch the sunset with your family, a loved one, or just an icy cold beer.

Children watching sunset in Tai O
Perfect place to watch the sunset

No offence to the place, but I wouldn't recommend it for food, not least because the dog roams around the kitchen and everything has a fine layer of grease on it. But do grab a drink, pull up a plastic chair and while away the afternoon fisherman spotting, dolphin spotting or waiting for the ferry. Cheers.

Kids jumping in front of a sunset
Probably a sugar high from all the beer

Location: Just at the entrance to the ferry to the right

Price: Cheaper than a restaurant or bar, not as cheap as a local shop

Ambience: The guys who work here are great, so is their dog!


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