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Storm Spires

I was having a think then other day about how the world is designed for a very specific group of people, and those people are adults of a certain height. Kids, very literally, don't get a look in. And kids are people too. So to kick off the They Live Among Us series, I've interviewed my daughter. 6 year old Storm.

Tell me a bit about yourself:

My name is Storm and I live in Tung Chung in the Caribbean Coast. I love learning Chinese.

Wow, that's cool. Where do you learn it?:

From Ling Liang Church Sau Tak Primary School (she really did give the full name haha). I learn it from my teachers and also my PorPor (Chinese for Grandmother) who helps me at home sometimes.

What do you like about learning Chinese?:

Speaking a new language so you can speak somewhere else. It's good living here to be able to speak Chinese.

What do you like about Tung Chung?:

It's fun to play in the park and the skate park.

Where is your favourite place to eat?:

PizzaExpress because the pizza is so good and there are good people there. (Aaw!)

What don't you like about Tung Chung?:

Covid. It's boring. I like everything else though.

At which point she wandered off. That's why people don't interview kids very often. Interview ends.


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