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Top Fun Things To Do For Under $100

Bored and looking for fun things to do? Look no further

Tung Chung Skate Park is brilliant (But not in the summer)

Badminton set - $70

Wear the kids out, teach them valuable hand-eye coordination and get out in the 'fresh' air. You can pick up a cheapo set in any toy shop.

Walk up a river bed - $Free

Obviously don't ever do this if it's been raining, is currently raining, or the weather forecast has any chance of rain, or there is a very strong possibility you'll end up on the news. It's great fun scrambling up a river bed. There are usually little rock-pools to explore, lizards everywhere and more butterflies than you can count. There are some really good ones just behind Caribbean Coast.

Jigsaw - >$100

A great activity with the family, or on your own, a jigsaw teaches patience, patterns and leads to a stronger attention span.

Rubik's Cube - $60

Addictive little buggers once you get started. We recommend watching a few YouTube videos on how to complete them, then start timing yourself to see how quickly you can bring your completion time down.

Top Trumps Sets - $50

Thankfully nothing to do with the horrific outgoing President of the USA, Top Trump sets have been around for a generation and have been providing knowledge and entertainment to kids and adults alike. We're particularly partial to the Volcanoes and World Wonders. Stay away from the Space set as it's rubbish and none of the numbers make the slightest bit of sense!

Frisbee - $100

Simple as it sounds, flying a Frisbee can relieve stress as you have to concentrate so hard on not being knocked out that you can't think about the stresses of the day.

Go for a swim - $15

Swimming has been proved to lower the heart rate and your blood pressure. If you're lucky enough to have a pool in your complex, use it! Hong Kong is also awash with government pools that are super cheap to make the post of them. The Tung Chung pool by the cable car is amazing. Olympic sized indoor pool. 25m outdoor pool.

Get into skating/ boarding - FREE (once you have the kit)

Tung Chung has a really rather good skate park tucked behind North Park. Inside said park you'll find a really kind and caring community of skaters who are always ready to offer a helping hand. Decathlon sells decent and reasonable boards and skates to get you started, or check out the local buy-sell-swap pages to recycle and reuse.

Go to Tung Chung Fort - $Free

I won't bore you with the super cool pirate history of Tung Chung fort, as it's more fun to learn it when you're there, but do go and check it out. It's a 30 minute walk from TC or a quick bus ride on the 3M. Jump off at Mansrova Restaurant.

Got any other suggestions of things to do in Tung Chung, drop them in the comments below.


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