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Wild Swimming and Laundry

In and around Tung Chung are loads of beautiful little places to explore. There are some really pretty trails that lead to infinity pools.

This trail isn't particularly pretty. It's in fact a road with a little path off to the side that opens out to a man-made dam that locals use for all sorts of things, from laundry to swimming and collecting water. It's interesting place and great to people watch for an hour, or go fo a dip.

Caterpillar pupating into a moth or butterfly

Take the the Tung Chung road around the corner towards Puo O, past the petrol station. Follow the road around to the right past the little shops. There is a nice coffee shop at the end of this row of shops if you want to stock up on coffee/ juice. Take the first road up the hill to the left.

Follow this up for about 5 minutes, past the little village. On the left hand side is a small pathway down some concrete steps.


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