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Alfresco Noodles

I'm always on the search for interesting new restaurants or diners so thanks to reader Glen Janke for pointing me in the direction of this one.

Wa Fung Farm
Wa Fung Farm Container Restaurant

In that typical Hong Kong way it's all been bolted together with love rather than expertise, but it's that charm that makes places like Wa Fung Farm so lovely. The owner told us not to lean against the railings on the roof as they're not bolted on properly! I visited with a friend and enjoyed a coffee, some noodles with egg and an incredibly spicy side of bean sprouts and chilli. They also sell beer and I can imagine sitting up on the container, feet in the faux grass looking over at Lantau Peak. Wa Fung would be the perfect place to spend a few hours chatting with friends. It's out of the way - you need to take the Tai O trail and it's on that before you get to Tung Chung Hau Wong temple. They actually have a Google page.

The owner also has quite the epic car collection which if you're a bit of a grease monkey like me, might be worth asking about. Think Mustangs and an old 190SL Merc...


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