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Culinary Christmas Inspiration

I was having a chat with Anthea from Tung Chung's The Next Chapter about how I was having a few people over for Christmas Day, that my oven is tiny and only cooks on one side and that I've run out of inspiration for things to cook.

I jokingly asked if her chefs could provide me with any inspiration. She told me about The Next Chapter's new Winter Warmers menu and about two of the dishes on the menu that can be made quickly and easily.

I asked how to cook them, and she said she'd get her chef to show me! How completely cool is that?! I've never been in a professional kitchen before and and I adore cooking so this was a dream. I then asked if I could video it for IslanderHK readers to see too and the below video was born - ask not, get not, as my aunt used to say!

2 delicious recipes in just over 2 minutes.

Recipe 1: Spanish Red Prawn Pasta Recipe 2: Bone Marrow & Black Truffle Risotto

ENJOY! Be sure to mention IslanderHK when booking, which is essential!

These can both easily be cooked at home, but I heartily recommend leaving them to the professionals and getting down to The Next Chapter to take in their lovely hospitality!

This post is sponsored by The Next Chapter restaurant.


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