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How to get from Hong Kong to Macau by bus

If you live on Lantau Island, the bus is definitely the best and cheapest way to get to Macau. Here is all you need to know...

  • Walk from the MTR out exit B in Tung Chung to the bus station and then cross the road. Then B6 is next to Tat Tung Road Park, near Ngong Ping cable car terminal in the old bus station.

  • Jump on B6 - Takes 9 minutes with good traffic to get to the passport control.

  • Walk into the terminal - there are toilets and a 7-11 here.

  • Buy a ticket for the bus - the machine takes all the major payment methods. Note that we found you can only buy a single child ticket at a time and had to use a child octopus card to do so. If you have any problems, there are actual people you can buy tickets from too, at the end of the machines near the exit.

  • An adult ticket was $65 and a child $33.

  • If you're travelling with a child's Hong Kong passport, bring their ID cards too as it speeds up the process

  • The wait to board the bus is really short

  • The journey isn't quite as interesting as I thought it would be. The first 5 minutes are exciting as you slowly waft over the South China sea, but after that, it's just sea, and more sea for 45 minutes. Bring a book as you quickly lose phone reception.

  • The bus lands you at the HZMB port which is quite far out of the city, even compared to the ferry terminal.

  • You get ushered into an humungous building to process the passports/ ID cards.

  • Note that if you're travelling with kids you'll need to queue at a manned station, not an electronic one as kids don't have smart IDs.

  • Now the tricky bit - how to get to where you're going. As we were staying at The Grand Coloane Resort outside of the main drag, we had to get a taxi, as opposed to a local bus or one of the free strip hotel busses. The queue for the taxi was vast. We probably queued for about 40 minutes in total, so factor that in to your journey time.

  • All taxis, shops and restaurants accept Hong Kong dollars, but you'll often get change back in Macau dollars, which you can't use back in Hong Kong, so be sure to use them up before coming home.

I love weekends in Macau. It's tiny so you can see a lot of it in a very short time. We usually stay at the Grand Coloane Resort which is a little run down but is quirky and full of charm. It's also just a short walk to the amazing Fernando restaurant, and equally as good Miramar, which is just next to the hotel.

Enjoy your trip!


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