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Let's Go Fly A Kite

There are few things more pleasurable than launching a kite into a stiff breeze and watching it shoot in the air. Only problem is finding somewhere to launch it.

It's a little breezy in Tung Chung today which always makes me want to dive into our 'cupboard of doom' and search for our kites. We've got a cheapy one we picked up from the stationery shop in Fu Tung and a more beefy 1.5m foil kite I was gifted back in London.

Things to do in Tung Chung and Lantau Island The Islander Kite Flying
The perfect spot for some fun kite action

We originally tried to fly in the local park, but were soon chased away by the safety-bear security. What damage they thought we were going to cause with a children's kite is anyone's guess, but not being in the mood to argue, we packed up and had a think about other Lantau locations.

Obviously the beaches out of season are perfect, but remember it's almost impossible to do any sort of fun activity on a Hong Kong gazetted beach when the life guards are out on patrol. I was once chilling on Pui O beach, fairly early in the morning and watching a boy about 9-10 kicking a small ball up and down the sand. It was a very tranquil moment. There must have been 10-15 people on the beach in total and this kid was nowhere near any of them. Suddenly the peace was shattered as the booming Tannoy kicked in 'No balls on the beach. Balls are not allowed on the beach.' That put pay to the kiddo's fun.

So, no beach, and not the park. So where else? Suddenly it clicked. It was a bit of a shlep but I remembered the patch of grass out the front of Tung Chung Hau Wong Temple. It turned out we weren't the only ones with lofty kite aspirations - the little patch of land was brimming with kite fliers of all ages and with kits of all shapes and sizes. It was wonderful.

It's a great spot for all sorts of illicit activities that private estate security will normally reprimand you for. There is also the all weather pitch which is perfect for a little skate about.

Make sure to make the most of the wetlands just around the corner and check out the fiddler crabs with their giant claw. Just make sure to wear sensible footwear.

If you want to up your game, head to Kam Tin Country Club farm. It's private land so as long as you pay your dues (it's free entry but they come around and charge you to sit and picnic which is fair enough) you can do what you like. It's a chaotic kite flying Mecca! You can also do strawberry picking but make sure to take out a mortgage for that.

Happy flying!

Kam Tun Country Club is a kite flying Mecca.
Kam Tun Country Club is THE place to fly a kite


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