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New Tung Chung Restaurant

In the latest of a slew of great restaurant openings, Tung Chung has just welcomed its newest eatery in the form of the Tung Chung Kitchen.

I had a great lunch at the new Tung Chung Kitchen. Located under the 4 Points hotel, the restaurant provides buffet style service with various food 'stations' including Indian, carvery, a mountainous salad bar and a noodle station. There is talk that it's the most varied salad bar in Hong Kong, but I'm not able to verify that without visiting every salad bar, and I'm not about to do that!

You can either pay per station, or go all in and have access to all the stations.

Bottomless tea and coffee are an extra $20 if booking a single station, and included if going all in. Alcoholic drinks are extra, but there are some cool pre-mixed cocktails from Young Masters for just $50 a pop and some decent craft beers. The wine list is limited but the glass of white I had was perfectly acceptable.

They also do a tasty buffet breakfast which you can enjoy without being a hotel guest. An adult buffet breakfast is $198 and $138 for the little ones.

I went 'all in' and had a really nice fresh salad, which they then mix together for you after you choose your dressing, then hit up the Indian station and very much enjoyed chicken tikka and some sort of dahl, then managed to squeeze in roast beef with all the trimmings before almost passing out with the little compote desserts and some bread pudding. It's $300ish for the 'Everything and Anything' selection so make sure you're hungry and you wear elasticated trousers to make the most of it.

The Tung Chung Kitchen can be enjoyed as part of a staycation package. Check their website for details. I'll make a little video of the rooms too soon, so watch this space.

Lunch and a one night stay were provided for free, but all view expressed are my own. It was very tasty!


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