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Pirate Cove

If you're feeling a little adventurous and have a few hours to burn, head off the beaten track and discover some a truly wonderful beach.

Caterpillar pupating into a moth or butterfly

You can either walk from Tai O, or find a friendly local sampan owner who is happy to drop you around the coast. The walk is about 1 hour 15 minutes so if you're carrying a lot of stuff for a day at the beach, grab a boat. Just make sure to organise a pick-up time!

If walking, head off from Tai O across the very Instagrammable Tai O promenade and follow the sea path around.

Keep your eyes on a map and check the turn for Man Cheung Po's Infinity Pool. People used to head there to swim, but it's since been cordoned off as it's the local sauce of water for the villagers of Tai O and beyond, and they don't want you dipping your toes in their water, which is fair enough. It's very pretty though.

Continuing on and you'll eventually be led through a small farmstead - Yi O Kau Tsuen - where you can see small rice paddies, which is fun. Supposedly the only farmed rice paddy in Hong Kong. They also offer and honesty-box for purchasing vegetables. Once you've filled your pockets with carrots and paid handsomely, take a right up by the houses and continue along. I was festooned by stick insects on section of the Lantau Trail which gave me the hebegebees, although not as bad as the orb weaver spiders on other sections!

Eventually the sea comes into view and you've reached your destination.

If the tide is right, or you're happy to swim, you can take a scramble across the tombolo to Peaked Hill and look back at Lantau Island.

If you STILL have energy from all that walking, another 40 minutes further on will take you to Fan Lau Fort, but we'll save that pirate adventure for another day!


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