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Strawberry Fields in South Lantau

TLDR: They grow strawberries. Location at the end of the post.

Social media has been a flurry of late with the exciting news of a newly opened strawberry farm on South Lantau. I packed a bag and took off with the family to get some sweet strawberry action.

Mr Chan has run this oasis on the Chai Ma Wan peninsula for 3 years, but this is the first time I've heard of it. We usually head to the better-known fields in Yeun Long, but those places give me the creeps and they employ an angry woman with a stick to chase any tempted child who suckles a strawberry before payment.

The walk from Pui O takes about 35 minutes and is a paved road the whole way. Mr Chan's farm isn't really near anything, except some trees. Accessed by the road through Ham Tin and up a massive hill, the farm has been carved out of a valley and uses the water from a stream for irrigation. Cresting the massive hill, the farm looms into view and it was bigger than I expected.

Best places to eat in Yat Tung
Best places to eat in Yat Tung

The farm was busy when we arrived at 4pm but there were plenty of juicy berry treats still available. I was eyeing up the best patch as Mr Chan passed us all a little plastic bucket and a pair of scissors. We set off on our strawberry treasure hunt and lost ourselves in the tranquillity of the place.

Ngong Ping Cable Car

The strawberries are charged by the kilo, with 1kg costing $160 (I think) which works out much cheaper than Park 'n' Shop. Mr Chan and his team take the time to check your stash for rot and remove the unnecessary remaining stem so you only pay for the good stuff. It's a lovely gesture.

There is no smell known to humankind better than warm sun-ripened strawberries. A quick wash of the berries and it's eating time! I unfortunately didn't get a photo of this as it happened so quickly. I managed to grab a single strawberry from the pot before they were gone. Luckily my wife hid the other pot from my pirana-like children so I'll enjoy some of our hoard with fresh pancakes tomorrow morning.

The farm is open until April and it's worth phoning ahead to ensure plenty of berries are available. Mr Chan says he closes regularly to allow the strawberries to grow and make sure they are of the best quality and quantity. It's a bit of a trek from the bus, but the views more than make up for it. If the busses are full, double back and check in to Treasure Island for a well-needed drink, snaffle your berries and wait until the crowds die down.

Name: Creative Technology Farm - Pick Your Own Strawberries

Location: Near distance post L126 on Chai Ma Wan Road

Number: 9558 4150

Opening hours: Call to check.


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