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The Best Short Hike in Tung Chung

If you've got an hour to burn and want some exercise, this trail is perfect. It's easy, it's incredibly convenient and even has waterfalls.

View of Tung Chung and Yat Tung

Start at Tung Chung MTR Exit D. Turn left and cross the road towards the new Fu Tung wet market. Follow the cycle path past the steps up to the main road. After the bridge, go right up the first set of steps. Then take a left/right dogleg up the narrow steps. This is the only trail you'll need now so relax and enjoy the greenery.

After about 5 minutes, you'll come to this intersection. If you're feeling fit and healthy, take the staircase to the right. It leads you straight up the hill to about a 450m elevation. It's hard going so make sure you have the right shoes and enough snacks and water. At the top you can go left and you'll end up nearly at the same point as this walk. Turn right and you can walk to Mui Wo/ Pui O.

Best short hike in Tung Chung

For this walk, turn left.

The trail crosses an access road, then the surface becomes rutted and can be very muddy after rain.

Best short hike in Tung Chung

The joy of this hike is you feel you're out in the hills, but in reality you're never more than a 20 minute walk from a 7/11!

Best short hike in Tung Chung

You'll need to cross this stream so be mindful that if you're doing this after a heavy rain you could quite easily be washed into the sea!

There is a turning to the left directly after this stream that leads you back down to the road, so if you've had enough, take the left.

Now you'll start rising up in elevation with excellent views back to Tung Chung, Yat Tung and the new reclamation.

You'll come across this pretty little waterfall which wasn't doing much today as it hasn't rained in months, but can be quite deep and very noisy!

Best short hike in Tung Chung Waterfall

I've no idea where a walk stops and a hike starts. My aunt in the uk was walked most of the country and never once described it as hiking. This path is definitely more of a walk with little hiking sections!

Towards the end of the leafy stage, the paths will start to drop down to a beautiful inlet lake near Pak Mong village.

Best short hike in Tung Chung
Pak Mong Inlet

Here, if you turn right, you can walk to Mui Wo over the Olympic Trail. It's a lovely walk and I highly recommend you try it if you haven't already. To finish this short walk, turn left and head under the tunnel. You'll pop out alongside the new housing development. This isn't such a nice walk in the summer as the heat bounces up from the tarmac but it's a nice leisurely stroll in the spring months. If you're lucky, someone might have left a Loco Bike along the road and you can hop on that, like I did!

I didn't actually fall off - I got cramp in my hand from holding the phone! For other nice Lantau walks, click here.


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