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The Best Restaurant on Lantau? Probably.

I've been trying to cut down on meat in my diet for about a year, and I've been doing a fairly good job of it. Coming up with exciting recipes that have that satisfying bite is always tricky.

vegetarian restaurant on Lantau island, Tung Chung
We went just after a typhoon so the place had been blown about a bit

That's why I'm over the moon to find this little gem of a restaurant, as recommend by Tung Chung Tower Communities member Smita Agarwal. It's an absolute gem! We ordered some spring rolls, a hotdog and a chicken and cheese pizza. The food here is properly good. The spring rolls crispy with a nice sweet dipping sauce. You get 8 little rolls. The hotdog was a giant oozing pickle and cheese sauce festival! The pizza was great - super cheesy with the cheese doing that thing cheese on pizza does in commercials when you lift up a slice. It was quite small but equally was only $88, so fair play. We finished up with the spicy meatballs and loved them. They were indeed spicy, with delicious Sichuan undertones and a great texture.

Vegetarian restaurant lLantau Island Tung Chung
A very tasty vegetarian hot dog

The staff here are lovely and their English is great, which is useful for non-Canto speakers like me. Anson, the owner's brother, is such a brilliant foodie/ beer head, and was talking us through their not insignificant craft beer selection. For a place like this to have craft beer is such a bonus. Most of the larger restaurants in Tung Chung can only muster up a Stella.

I went for Little Creatures on draft for a mere $38 a glass with bottled beers hovering around the $18 mark. There is also non-alcoholic beer should you want to drive there. If you order 3 drinks you get one free!

It's about a 20 minute walk from Tung Chung MTR. Google Tung Chung Fort, and it's just a few doors down from there.

Happy eating! FB:


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