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The Hidden Tung Chung

Yat Tung was built to the western side of Tung Chung as a public housing estate. Most people know it for it's recently rejuvenated wet market and little shopping mall, but it has so much more to offer than Baleno and a KFC!

Best places to eat in Yat Tung

Start at the pier end of Ma Wan Chung fishing village; the Tai O of Tung Chung and the land that time forgot. I love it here. It's got everything you need, including 3 barbers, a bike hire shop, many Chinese restaurants including my favourite Wah Do Seafood. It's a very 'local' restaurant with 90% alfresco dining offering with stunning views of Tung Chung Bay. I've seen an octopus climb out of the sea here and also someone pull up a giant horseshoe crab on a rope. Anywhere else in the world that would be weird, but not in Hong Kong.

Follow the bridge taking in the beautiful and peculiar views - especially the majestic house boats moored after Hong Kong Resorts cleared them out of Discovery Bay marina.

You're now in the winding alleys of Ma Wan Chung. Towards the end of these alleys you'll find Aroma restaurant which is my go-to for take-aways. You can also eat in. If you're hungry and don't fancy Chinese, go here. The food here is always great and the staff are nice too. I recommend their pizzas, curries and also these little stuffed jalapeno peppers. Yum.

Best places to eat in Yat Tung

Popping out the far end of Ma Wan Chung, take the ramp up and you'll pass some goats on a little farmstead.

Best places to eat in Yat Tung

Follow the estate around, keeping the sea on your right and the mall on your left. At the end of the estate, take the first set of steps up and then go right and follow signs for Tung Chung Hau Wong temple. Dive off this path near the water and you'll find hundreds of fiddler crabs, so named because of their giant arm makes them look like they're playing the fiddle when they eat. Take some time to relax on the bridge and watch the cormorants fish. This is one of my favourite spots when I want a break from work. I saw a beautiful rat snake here whilst taking these photos.

Keep on the path and you come up to a majestic old house at the foot of the emergency trail for Ngong Ping cable car. I'd give my right arm to live there.

Ngong Ping Cable Car

If you carry on this path you'll find yourself on the Tung O Ancient Trail and about 14km later you'll be in Tai O, the Venice of Hong Kong! Happy hiking. #YatTung #ThingsToDo #HKFoodie #Bestplacestoeat #hiking #hikingLantau #Besthikes #LantauIsland #Lantau #Bestplacestoeatonlantau #wheretoeatonlantau


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