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TOP 5: The BEST Chinese diners in Tung Chung

I love a big bowl of noodles. I love local milk tea. I also love a sweet lemon tea. That's why I adore local Chinese diners. Here are Tung Chung's best in no particular order.

••••• = Really good. • = cannot

Law Mark Kee

I originally found this place as I likes its logo. The I discovered it does a pretty decent attempt at an English breakfast. It's a chain so if you find something you like here, it's pretty standard across the restaurants.

L5 510 - Citygate Mall

Noise Level: •••

Cost: ••••

Milk Tea:••••

I recommend: An almost passable English breakfast: ••••

Hong Kong Day

Slightly above average in terms of service and ambience. Good location right next to the MTR.

Tung Chung Crescent Block 3

Noise Level: •••

Cost: •••

Milk Tea: ••••

I recommend: Pork chop with macaroni, toast and egg: ••••


I like this place a lot. They make their own tsar sui out the back and you can taste the difference. The portions are generous and food always fresh. I wrote a bit about this place here.

G/F, 8 Tung Chung Waterfront Rd, Seaview Crescent

Noise Level: ••••

Cost: ••••

Milk Tea: ••••

I recommend: Tsar sui fan (BBQ pork and rice: •••••

Tsui Wah

Visiting a Tsui Wah is like visiting a favourite aunt. You know what food you're going to get and it might be quite loud. Pretty standard breakfast food BUT they do bake their own pineapple buns (boh loh bau) which are crispy and enduringly heart attack inducing.

Tung Chung, 1樓101號舖 大嶼山 Fu Tung Plaza

Noise Level: • (the staff feel the need to scream across the tables at one another)

Cost: •••

Milk Tea: •••••

I recommend: Singapore vermicelli and of course the pineapple buns: •••••

The Little Hole In The Wall in Ying Tung Wet Market - More dai pai dong than a diner but still deserves to be included

This is such a great little spot and seriously good value for money. They're one of the few places left it seems that does the churn fun (rice roll with sweet and peanut sauce) and their milk tea is amazing. They also do the three dish rice for lunch, although it gets insanely busy with all the construction workers queuing up.

Ying Tung Wet Market - towards the back to the left.

Noise Level: •••••

Cost: •••••

Milk Tea: •••••

Churn Fun: •••••


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