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Scenic Hill After a Typhoon 8

Having woken up after what I thought was the worst of recent typhoon Ma On, I set off on a short hike up Scenic Hill.

Scenic Hill is located just after the bridge to the airport on the right before the roundabout, just under the cable car tower. There are two big signs telling you of the entrance.

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Follow the massive green sign!

It's a great little walk if you just want to get out of the house and get the heart going a bit. Door (Tower 9, Caribbean Coast) to top of the hill was done in under 35 minutes. I took the route over the roundabout, around the back of Fu Tung, over the bridge past Tat Tung Road park, then across the sea and up.

Scenic Hill best short walk in Tung Chung
A few steps at the beginning then it's super easy

It's an interesting if not beautiful view from the top. It's only 500m to the end and not a great deal of elevation but it does afford you a panoramic view from the cable car heading up to Ngong Ping, right around past the Macau bridge, over the airport and its new third runway, round past the new development of the Tung Chung Extension and back past Yat Tung.

View of Caribbean Coast after a typhoon 8 signal from Scenic Hill
After a Typhoon 8

I did this walk after the T8 warning had passed back in August last year. It was still really wet!


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