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The Best Restaurant View in Tung Chung?

Wah Dao restaurant has been a Yat Tung institution for years and is always a place I take guests to eat when visiting Hong Kong. It's just a 20 minute walk from Tung Chung MTR and the view is well worth the walk. You could also get a bus 38 from Tung Chung bus station and then walk through the beautiful hidden Yat Tung.

I call it a restaurant, but it's more of a dai pai dong, with tables laid out along a narrow walkway that jets out into Tung Chung Bay. The busier the restaurant, the longer the tables snake.

Service is best described as haphazard, with food arriving when the chef is good and ready, but that gives you plenty of time to sit back with a cold beer and enjoy the stunning view over the bay.

I've had two brilliant sea creature encounters here. The first was when a huge horseshoe crab (It might be normal sized, but I've never seen one before and it was really big!) was raised out of the sea on a rope, like a dog on a lead. The second was during a dinner with friends here over Mid-Autumn Festival and a small (I know it was small, as I've seen octopi before, and this was definitely a little one) climbed up the concrete jetty and waved a big hello!

The food at Wah Dao is good. Unfortunately, due to a genetic malfunction, I can't eat seafood without a trip to A&E, but my wife and daughters confirm that the seafood is a winner, which makes sense considering the restaurant's location and the fact seafood climbs out of the sea here just asking to be cooked.

To get here:

Walk: Walk across Tung Chung Plaza towards Ngong Ping Cable Car. Keep to the left and follow the path past Sunshine House Kindergarten. Turn left along the main road. Walk across the crossing, then turn right. Take the left and walk up the steps. At the end of the pathway, turn right and walk down the hill. The restaurant is at the end.

Bus: Take the 38 from Tung Chung bus station and alight at the final stop. Walk into the plaza and through the shopping centre, straight out the back, then turn right. Follow the road until you see a ramp down on the left. Take the ramp and follow the path. At the fork, turn left, then follow past the mosque, across the bridge, and the restaurant is at the end on the left.


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