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A Beach Without The Stress

It's a public holiday. The sun is shining and you want to go to the beach. Problem is so does everybody else. The 3M queue is trailing out the bus station. So is the 23 bus queue. Ubers can't go to South Lantau. The taxi queue is 30 deep. What do you do? You go to Butterfly Beach in Turn Mun. The easiest way is by taxi/ Uber and costs around $150 and takes about 15 minutes. You can also get the E36A but you need to change after the tunnel so I highly recommend a taxi, especially if you're carrying all the beach stuff.

Butterfly Beach Tuen Mun

The sand is a little gravelly and there are rocks on the shoreline but it has a unique charm and doesn't leave you stranded and unable to get home. This isn't a particularly pretty beach, but it is an interesting one; the backdrop is set by tanker ships, a dockyard and high-rise tower blocks.

We went on a public holiday and it was like a full blown beach festival with aunties and their tents and singing creating such a fun atmosphere.

Butterfly Beach Tuen Mun

There is a cute little shop on the promenade selling drinks and ice creams but the area is lacking in decent places to eat, so bring a picnic. If you're looking for other easy beaches, try this one with MTR access or this one in Discovery Bay


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