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TOP 5: The BEST places in Tung Chung for lunch

These are in no particular order as there isn't really a best choice, as that all depends on what you're in the mood for. There are also other great places to eat, but I think these sets are a winner.

Let's start with Thai food. There are two choices on the list here. They're both very different in terms of decor but the food is equally good in both.

First up:

My Thai G/F, Coastal Skyline, 12 Tung Chung Waterfront Road Tung Chung

I won't go into too much detail as My Thai has been around forever and I'm sure I'm preaching to the converted. I've never had a bad meal here, and that goes for their lunch set. It's tasty, very reasonable and the staff are always lovely, as are all staff at the Amante Group.

My Thai lunch set hong kong Tung Chung
My Thai's tasty lunch set

The Second Thai place on the list is the oddly named:

Come Thai House

It's just down past North Lantau hospital on the right.

It's hard not being able to pop away for a long weekend to Phuket but fear not as I've found the next best option. Come Thai House really does feel like you're sat on a side street in Thailand. Most of the seats are outside (not great for mid-summer lunching) and there are fairly lights strung up - throw in a tasty chilled coconut and you could be on Koh Samui. They've got the details right too; proper Chang beer in chilled glasses.

The food is genuine and authentic Thai. The portions are decent and the flavours pop in your mouth. Try the rice with pork neck and the yellow curry and you won't be disappointed. The lunch set can be viewed below:

Mint and Basil set menu B
Very good value for a filling lunch set

Number 3 on the list that's still in no particular order


Right in Tung Chung square, opposite exit B of the MTR

If you've read the Best Big Burger Debate you'll know I'm a fan of Oolaa. They've managed to create a restaurant chain that's jack of all trades, and somehow master of all trades too. If I wasn't married, I'd take a date there, I'd pop in for a quick lunch, I'd go on a family dinner there, have my birthday there and also conduct a work meeting. It's quite extraordinary.

The Oolaa set lunch is one of the more pricy on this list, but then the ambience in Oolaa is also on the higher end. The staff are great and remember you, even going to the detail to remember what I drank on the last visit and whether I'd like the same again. Slick. The food is always excellent, whether you're on the set lunch or not.

The menu changes regularly, but an example of the set can be viewed below. The Pork Belly is yummy.

Oolaa set lunch menu Tung Chung
Tasty but a little more pricy

Oolaa set lunch menu Tung Chung
How can you not love their burgers?

Next up


Waterfront Road, Tung Chung

Ouzo is the least Greek of any Greek restaurant I've ever been to. Mr Papadopoulos would throw a plate if he saw the menu, but don't let that put you off. Their Thali is brilliant!

For those who don't know what a Thali is, it's a selection of small bowls of food that generally reflect their location in India.

Usually consisting of:

  • a grain - rice or bread made with wheat or millet

  • lentals - a dhal

  • veggies - Whatever is seasonal

  • some form of chutney

  • some form of pickled vegetable

  • a popadom

It's a great way to eat vegetarian food and not miss the meat. Ouzo offers a choice of vegetarian or meat for $1125 or $125 respectively.

Finally on the list:

The Upper Deck

Upstairs at TBay, near the Sheraton in Tung Chung Fast becoming a favourite of the Instagram blogger, The Upper Deck is a well appointed and attractive restaurant with large floor to ceiling windows overlooking the sea and airport across to Tuen Muen. They specialise in meat and even have their own curing machines in which they keep their succulent steaks. They have a larger set lunch menu that's very pricy, but it's the steaks you want. For $148 you get a steak and unlimited fries. The steak is cooked as you like it and actually comes how you asked for it. I can't remember if it comes with a drink or not, but even if not, $148 isn't bad for a tasty steak! They also have a pool table so you can accidentally pot the black as many times as you want whilst you digest your lunch.

If after eating you fancy a walk, there is a new patch of land that has opened up along the sea front behind the Sheraton and Upper Deck which is a nice place to roam. You can read about it here.

What's your go-to? Let me know in the comments and I'll go and check it out - all in the name of research, you understand...


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