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A NEW Twist to Old Favourites

Tung Chung's best hangout, The Tavern, decided it was time to give their classic menu a revamp. And a revamp it has had!

The Tavern, and The Amante Group in general, is never one to sit back and be complacent. The Tav' is my favourite local bar because it focuses on the important details and gets them right every time. Quality of service - check; music - their playlist is pure singalong; drinks and food; price and quality are always good, and thankfully for us Tung Chung residents they have just got even better... What better way to try out a new menu than with than a pair of monkeys... and my wife.

Best places to eat in Tung Chung

Best places to eat in Tung Chung
Proper pub grub

We could chose from the starred options as this was a soft launch. I opted for the burger. I always use the burger as a benchmark of a restaurant's quality in the same way I try beef noodles in a Chinese restaurant.

Drinks at The Tavern at Tung Chung IslanderHK
I promise the kids were drinking apple juice.

The burger was MASSIVE! We were warned about the size of the new portions when we ordered but this thing was a beast. Chicken fillet (not patty) in a crispy fried batter stacked on a beef patty, salad and a decent brioche bun. We weren't disappointed. Point to note that the chicken has a mild spice to the batter that my kids wouldn't eat. My wife and I thought it was delicious.

Best burger in Tung Chung IslanderHK

Next was the fried chicken. The kids loved it. I didn't get a bite. For me the stand-out taste of this dish were the sauces. One was lime and garlic mayonnaise and the other a spicy something. Whatever it was, it would have been great served with the burger. The chicken was hot and tasty.

Fried chicken in Tung Chung

We finished with what my wife said was a 9/10 chocolate fudge cake. My daughter gave an audible gasp when she tucked in. Once again, I didn't get a bite. I *think* this is the first time The Tavern has featured a dessert on the menu and they've come out punching. The sweetness of the topping was just right - not too sweet. The cake was thick and gooey. Allegedly - I wouldn't know. I was too busy chatting to the manager about his exciting new plans for The Tavern and The Next Chapter and I swear it was no more than 2 minutes and the whole thing had gone.

From the little of the new menu we've tried, it was lovely. Standard Tavern - Good food, great service and surrounded by the community. It's a proper 'local' as we call them back in the UK. The Tavern is a space for friends to meet and chat; the kids can play while the adults enjoy a beer, catch a game on the screens and have a great time with a decent drink and a bite to eat.

We left happy and full!

The new menu launches around the 25th October. Go hungry! Check The Tavern's Facebook for updates.

Family enjoying a delicious Western meal

What's not to love? Location: Shop 9B, G/F, Coastal Skyline: Come out the back of CityGate mall and take a slight right. On the left is a set of steps. Take them and walk forwards. You'll hear the cracking 80's tunes pumping. It's near Marketplace in The Circle outside CityGate, for any locals that are unsure. Disclosure: We were invited to try this new menu as guests of The Tavern as we're regulars. I wasn't asked to write this post and I wasn't paid. Food was free but we paid for our drinks. All opinions are mine. I like these guys! #HKFoodie #islanderHK #HKIslander #TheTavern #TungChung #ThungChungDevelopment #NewPlacesToEat #BestBurger #FamilyFriendly


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